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Monthly meetings are usually the second Thursday of the month, except July and December. Meeting social (beverages & snacks available) at 6:30 p.m., meetings begin at 7:30 p.m.

*NEW* 7 p.m. Question & Answer Bring your questions and we will try to answer them during an informal Q & A to be held before each meeting.

Meetings are held at the Lakeview Community Association Hall, 6110 - 34th Street SW, parking is free. Prospective members are invited to attend a meeting for a five dollar (cash only) fee. When an international speaker is presenting, there will be a ten dollar (cash only) non-member speaker fee charged. Become a member and avoid the non-member fees! Payment for workshops is by cash or cheque.

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Saturday May 2
Sunday May 3
1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Cathy Kurio


6th Annual
Styrofoam Box Trough Workshop

Styrofoam boxes provided.

Come and join this hands-on workshop making a styrofoam trough just in time for our plant sale. It is easy and fun to make the troughs as a group.

Members $20
Non-Members $

To register for either session, call Patricia at 403-255-7896 and leave a message.

Kurio Residence

Plant Sale

Saturday, May 9
Noon - 3:00 p.m.


Plant Sale

If you are planning on

We are also seeking special

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Lakeview Community Association Hall

Thursday, May 14

Anna Leggatt
East York, ON

Spring Wildflowers
of the
Zagros Mountains, Iran

Spectacular photos of Fritillaria, Iris, Muscaria, and Tulipa caught our eye in Anna Leggatt’s article about her trip to the Zagros mountains of Iran in the NARGS Quarterly of Fall 2013. Now we’ll get to see her presentation featuring high limestone mountains in a country with 8000 species of plants, one quarter of them endemic.

Anna loves shrubs, bulbs, rock gardening, wildflowers, Japanese effects, working with stone and experimenting with her garden’s design. Anna lectures to horticultural societies and writes for several magazines. Her subjects reflect her broad interests and passion for gardening and draw on her world-wide travel experiences and photography of nature.

Lakeview Community Association Hall

Thursday, June 11

David Sellars
Vancouver, BC

King Laurin’s Garden:
Following In The Footsteps Of Reginald Farrer In The Dolomites

Botany meets Lord of the Rings: King Laurin was the king of the dwarves in the Alps and his rose garden was part of a complicated myth that ended badly. David will lead us on a tour of the alpine plants of the Dolomites, inspired by Reginald Farrer, the Victorian plant explorer, and we expect that this trip will end much better!

David Sellars is an avid hiker, photographer, and gardener in Surrey BC. His articles and photos appear in the NARGS quarterly and he is past president of the Alpine Garden Club of BC. He spoke to us in 2012 about “Chaos in the Rock Garden”, but judging by the photos of his garden, that chaos is now well under control.

Lakeview Community Association Hall

Thursday, Sept. 10

Lawrence Harder

Topic TBA

Lawrence is a CRAGS member with a large Rundle rock garden that is a work in progress. His experiences and knowledge are always of interest to our group.

He is an academic plant biologist with particular interest in pollination and reproductive ecology. Lawrence has pursued this interest on five continents, and never misses the opportunity to go plant hunting with camera in hand.

Lakeview Community Association Hall

Lakeview Community Association Hall
6110 - 34 Street SW



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