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Monthly meetings are usually the second Thursday of the month, except July, August, and December. Meeting social (beverages & snacks available) at 6:30 p.m., meetings begin at 7:30 p.m.

*NEW* 7 p.m. Question & Answer Bring your questions and we will try to answer them during an informal Q & A to be held before each meeting.

Meetings are held at the Lakeview Community Association Hall, 6110 - 34th Street SW, parking is free. Prospective members are invited to attend a meeting for a five dollar (cash only) fee. When an international speaker is presenting, there will be a ten dollar (cash only) non-member speaker fee charged. Become a member and avoid the non-member fees! Payment for workshops is by cash or cheque.

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Last Chance
Plant Sale

Thursday, Sept. 10
6:30 - 7:15 p.m.


Last Chance Plant Sale

Do you have plants to sell, trade or give away? Are you looking for something to fill one more spot in the garden? The Last Chance Plant Sale will be held prior to the September meeting. Weather permitting, we will set up outdoors. If you’ll be selling plants, remember to bring your own float, and please consider donating a plant to the raffle.

Lakeview Community Association Hall

Thursday, Sept. 10

Lawrence Harder

Turkish Delights

Despite its comparatively small size, Turkey has more species of flowering plants than all of Europe. As the eastern two-thirds of Turkey is largely mountainous, this diversity includes a rich alpine flora. This presentation will give us a glimpse of Turkish mountains, from Cappadocia to Mount Ararat, and their plants, as experienced during spring 2012.

Lawrence is a Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Calgary, with an interest in pollination and reproductive ecology. He has pursued his interest on five continents, and never misses the opportunity to go plant hunting with camera in hand. Lawrence lives in Calgary, and has a large garden with several Rundle rock features.

Lakeview Community Association Hall

Special Date

Thursday, Oct. 15

Jerry Kral
(Rochester, NY)

Rocking With Plants

Note: as Jerry is an International speaker, non-members will be charged $10 to attend this special event.

Why do we choose to do rock gardens? Jerry will explore different styles of rock gardens and show ways to make your rock gardens look better and present your plant treasures in the best possible “frames”. Basic construction, rock placement and copying nature when building your garden will be covered in a non-technical style.

Jerry and Karen Kral’s large garden in Rochester consists of 50+ garden rooms inter-connected by stone pathways, and a 12,000 sq. ft. area featuring many styles of rock gardens. Unique sculptures and 300 dwarf conifers add “backbone”.

Jerry's slide list.

Lakeview Community Association Hall

Thursday, Nov. 12

Patti O'Keefe

2015 Annual General Meeting
Visit To The Chelsea Flower Show

After our brief AGM, Patti will speak about her trip to the prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower Show, an annual 5-day garden show held in London for the past 150 years. New plants and garden trends are often launched at the show, and the best of the 550 displays are given highly coveted awards. A wide variety of exhibits are featured, from trees and orchids to desert plants.

Patti is a CRAGS member with wide interests in garden plants, both alpine and classic perennials. She attended the show in May of 2014.

Lakeview Community Association Hall


Thursday, Jan. 14

Carol Huggler

Potluck Dinner (6:30-7:30 p.m.)
Trip To Talus Lodge (7:30 p.m.)

After seeing the presentation given by Chris Espinel at last year’s potluck, Carol & husband Ken Powell decided to book a 3 day visit to Talus Lodge during the anticipated height of alpine flower season. Not only were the flowers spectacular, the variety of rocks was astounding.

Carol is a CRAGS member and an accomplished photographer with a keen interest in botany and an eye for beauty. She promises not to show all 200+ photos of rocks, even if they are incredibly fascinating.

Lakeview Community Association Hall

Lakeview Community Association Hall
6110 - 34 Street SW



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